Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Daily Directive

Providence is coming to the Dome! Over the last EIGHT seasons they have only been to the Dome TWICE. While SU has been there FIVE times. So it is about time they come here. Also Mikey T is no longer commish. Coincidence? I think not. However we still have to go there this year, which will make it 3-6 over the last 9 seasons.

The BE BBall matchups were announced today. SU will have home games against GTown, UL, Providence, UConn, Marq, Pitt, St. Johns, USF and Nova. Plenty of good home games to attend. Road games will be GTown, UL, Providence, Cincy, DePaul, ND, RU, Seton Hall, and WV. Good news is easy trips for NYC folk to RU and Seton Hall. And hopefully that GTown game will be on the weekend. Bad news is no trip to Nova or St Johns. Also it seems we lucked out with the big name teams being at home and the little guys on the road. That makes the home/road split pretty favorable.

Have a happy 4th

King Otto III

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