Monday, July 27, 2009

The Daily Directive

Whats up doc?

Lets cut TGD some slack here with not playing at Yankee Stadium. I know it is the summer and we have nothing to talk about but come on we can do better than some of the BS I have heard or read about this matter.

First New Yorks College sports team means NY State not NYC. This isnt hard to follow folks.

Second SU does have an influence in NYC. And more important the are lots of alum$ in NYC. Having ads keeps a connection with alumn$, keeps awareness in the media, and helps with recruiting NYC area kids who make up a great deal of our program.

Third the games at Yankee are controlled by The Big Stein. He is a military guy. So of course Army peaks his interest. Plus Army has traditionally played at Yankee Stadium. Does Army being in every game mean they own NYC? Or that they have more influence over RU?

As to the other teams playing it is pretty simple. One, these teams already have a relationship with Army. SU has played Army only SEVEN times since 1965. On top of that we already had a full OOC schedule for the next two years. So how would we fit in? ND is ND and has a tradition at YS and with Army. RU plays Army regularly and had them already on the sched. Same goes for Air Force and BC. Now the thing that doesnt make sense with BC is that they will bring no fans. However it sets up Boston vs NY, which the Big Stein I am sure loves. As to Air Force they are a service academy making it a big game.

SU is a regional team and should be considered. But so is PSU and they are not playing there either. Does that make them a lesser program? People are too hung up on NYs team which is more a marketing tool to try and get the state behind a small private school.

Also do we really want to give up a home game for a game at the Stadium? I know I dont. First we will make less money with our home game there. Second it is a baseball stadium not a FB stadium. The sightlines will suck. Playing a game at YS is just a publicity stunt. If we play a road game there vs Army or a neutral vs ND then fine. But we better not give up a real game.

Thats all folks

King Otto III

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