Friday, September 11, 2009

PSU Preview

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Remember the name, Derek Moye. He torched Akron last week and will be a danger to SU. He may very well be the most talented WR on the field Sat, and that includes Mike Williams.

I watched the first half of PSU's first game against Akron. As it was 31-0 at the half there was no reason to watch the second half. While PSU likes to call their O a Spread, it really is more of a pro set. Against Akron they were under center 28 out of 42 plays. And the Shotgun plays were in obvious passing situations. They ran the ball only 16 times and threw it 26 times. The running plays were mixed between right, center, and left so they really didnt favor any side of the OL. Early on Clark threw short most of his passes. We saw screens, swing passes, bubble screens, and passes to the TE. While they didnt run the ball a lot, they did call 6 play action passes. Clark struggled early on, mostly working the middle of the field. And he got away with two balls that shoulda been picked. Then Clark started hitting his WRs and that is when PSU started to put up points. Or should I say his WRs started making plays, as quite a few where made with tight coverage. The last two drives put up 2 TDs late in the 2Q. Moye was a big part of that.

Akrons D played well before those last two drives making PSU work for points, despite the great starting field position. PSU had three miscues a sack, an INT near the goaline, and a missed chip shot FG. Also we should be aware that PSU ran a fake punt for 37 yards that resulted in a FG. At the time it was 14-0 early 2Q so they may have some tricks up their sleeves. But I am sure they were willing to take that chance because their D dominated. They almost forced Akron into negative yards for the half. This is a good D that we will struggle to get first downs against let alone points.

If SU gets some breaks they can keep it close early. But PSUs talent will keep this one from being close. The only hope is that a rainy day slows PSU down and makes them play sloppy. I would sign up for the Akron final score of 31-7 right now if I could.

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