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Tale of the Tape: Syracuse at Penn State

We are back for the second ToT of the year. Battling for the Tattoo are the Syracuse Orange and their neighbors from the Keystone State, the Nittany Lions. Thus this week's Tattoo is an orange can of Keystone Light.

Born on Date
PSU: 1855 vs SU: 1870
Ottos Edge: PSU... PSU was founded as the Farmers' High School of Pennsylvania. It then changed to the Agricultural College of Pennsylvania (1862), Pennsylvania State College (1875), and finally PSU (1953).

GPS (Location)
PSU: State College, Happy Valley, University Park vs SU: Syracuse
Ottos Edge: SU... pick a name already. When Penn State changed from a College to University in 1953, its president sought to persuade the town to change its name as well. When they decided not to, PSU created University Park.

At that location is a…

PSU: Mount Nittany vs SU: Song Mountain
Ottos Edge: PSU... the word Nittany is derived from the Algonquian language word Nit-A-Nee meaning "single mountain"

Which is where PSU got their…

Team Name
PSU: Nittany Lions vs SU: Orange
Ottos Edge: PSU… we fed the men to the lions and are now a fruit

Speaking of fruit…

Gay guy
PSU: John Amaechi (former PSU BBaller) vs SU: Thom Filicia (Queer Eye)
Ottos Edge: Push... both are fabulous

Sticking with BBall and sex…

BBall sex scandal
PSU: Rene Portland allegedly kicked a girl off the team for being a lesbian vs SU: Billy Edelin missed 02 season because of rape accusations
Ottos Edge: Push... there are no winners here. Portland was forced out after coaching 27 successful seasons.

More BBall…

Point Guard
PSU: Joe Crispin vs SU: GMac
Ottos Edge: PSU... just kidding, SU

While we are on Scranton and joking…

Fictional alumnus
PSU: Toby Flenderson (Office) vs SU: Sonny Koufax (Big Daddy)
Ottos Edge: SU... Toby is a loser and divorced

Another fictional alumnus of SU was…

PSU: Adam McKay (writer/director) vs SU: Veronica Corningstone (charcter)
Ottos Edge: PSU... she is a smelly pirate hooker

Sticking with movies…

Along Came Polly
PSU: John Aniston (Jennifers dad) vs SU: Jerry Stiller (Bens dad)
Ottos Edge: Push... from the sounds of that movie the winners were those of us that didn't see it

The guys behind the movies are the…

PSU: Steven de Souza (Lethal Weapon, Die Hard) vs SU: Carl Gottlieb (Jaws)
Ottos Edge: PSU... yippee-ki-yay

Staying with writers…

War Novelist
PSU: David Morrell wrote First Blood (Rambo) vs SU: Stephan Crane wrote The Red Badge of Courage
Ottos Edge: PSU... its over Johnny

Writers also work for…

School Papers
PSU: The Daily Collegian vs SU: Daily Orange
Ottos Edge: SU... we have the more interesting storyline of Greg Paulus

Speaking of storylines...

RB nickname
PSU: Reading Rambler (Lenny Moore) vs SU: Elmira Express (Ernie Davis)
Ottos Edge: Push… both are great players with great nicknames. Too bad the art of nicknames has been lost.

ED was part of…

Black History
PSU: Wallace Triplett 1st black draftee to play in the NFL vs SU: Ernie Davis 1st black Heisman winner
Ottos Edge: Push… both broke barriers

Staying with the Heisman…

Heisman Winner
PSU: John Cappelletti vs SU: Ernie Davis
Ottos Edge: Push... both had to deal with leukemia (John dedicated his Heisman to his dying brother Joey) and had a movie about it (made for TV: Something for Joey). Surprisingly PSU has only one Heisman winner.

While we are on RBs…

Other RBs
PSU: Franco Harris, Lenny Moore, Larry Johnson, Curt Warner, Matt Suhey,Wallace Triplett, Richie Anderson, Gary Brown, Blair Thomas, Curtis Enis, Ki-Jana Carter, Sam Gash, DJ Dozier vs SU: Jim Nance, Larry Csonka, Moose Johnston, Jim Brown, Floyd Little, James Mungro, Walter Reyes, Joe Morris, Rob Konrad, Michael Owens, David Walker, Jamie Covington, Robert Drummond
Ottos Edge: SU... lots of busts lately for PSU

Paving the way for the RBs is the…

PSU: Mike Muchak, Marco Rivera, Brad Benson, Todd Rucci, Dave Szott, Steve Wisniewski vs SU: Jim Ringo, John Flannery, Walt Sweeney, CraigWolfley, Stan Walters, Adam Terry
Ottos Edge: PSU... we are still weaker on the OL

But we are stronger at…

PSU: Mickey Shuler, OJ McDuffie, Kyle Brady, Joe Jurevicius, Eddie Drummond, Bobby Engram vs SU: John Mackey, Rob Moore, Chris Gedney, Art Monk, Kevin Johnson, Marvin Harrison
Ottos Edge: SU... just a tad better

And throwing to them are the…

PSU: Kerry Collins, John Hufnagel, Todd Blackledge, Michael Robinson,Wally Richardson, Tony Sacca, Zach Mills, Richie Lucas (1st ever Buffalo Bill) vs SU: Donovan McNabb, Bill Custis, Marvin Graves, Todd Philcox, Wilmet Sadet-Singh, Don McPherson, Bill Hurley, Troy Nunes (a PSU fan)
Ottos Edge: SU... triple negative points for the bust Blackledge

From Offense to Defense…

PSU: Rosey Grier, Courtney Brown, Tamba Hali vs SU: Dwight Freeney, Tim Green, Rob Burnett
Ottos Edge: SU... we could use these guys now

Behind them are the…

PSU: Jack Ham, Paul Posluszny, Dan Connor, Andre Collins, Keith Goganious, Lance Mehl, Matt Millen, Shane Conlan, Brandon Short, LaVar Arrington, John Skorupan, Denis Onkotz, Greg Buttle vs SU: Keith Bulluck, Dan Conley, Kevin Mitchell, Jim Collins, TerryWooden
Ottos Edge: PSU... they dont call it LB U for nuttin

Bobby Boucher (best current defender)
PSU: Novorro Bowman vs SU: Art Jones
Ottos Edge: PSU… well Bobby was a LB so he is the better fit

Ironically the “player” that can determine who Ws and who Ls is the…

PSU: Bahr Borthers (Matt, Chris), Robbie Gould vs SU: Gary Anderson, Olinda Mare, Nate Trout
Ottos Edge: SU... although I am grateful for Matts kicks with the GMen.

And finally the category of the what? You want more? Alright you go it.

Lets stay with the Giants…

XLII SB winning Giants
PSU: Kareem McKenzie, Jay Alford vs SU: David Tyree, Tom Coughlin
Ottos Edge: SU... they played a larger role

And more of the Giants…

Other former Giants
PSU: Kerry Collins, John Hufnagel (current Calgary Stampeders HC), Brandon Short, LaVar Arrington, Brad Benson, Matt Bahr, Joe Jurevicius, Rosey Grier vs SU: Joe Morris, Will Allen, Larry Csonka, Carl Karilivacz
Ottos Edge: PSU... lots of Ws produced by those folks

Speaking of Ws…
All Time Wins
PSU: 802 vs SU: 674
Ottos Edge: PSU... not many can beat PSU

Remaining on winning…

We're going streaking
PSU: 49 straight non losing seasons (1939-87) vs SU: 22 straight non losing seasons (1950-1971)
Ottos Edge: PSU… that is amazing. PSU also once had a 31 game win streak. However they had no title to show for it. They went undefeated in 1968 and 1969 finishing 2nd in the polls both years.

But they did win it in…

National Titles
PSU: 2 (1982, 1986) vs SU: 1 (1959)
Ottos Edge: PSU... the 1987 Fiesta Bowl was the most watched CFB game ever. PSU won 14-10 despite being out gained 3 to 1 (450 to 150), thanks to Testeverde’s 5 INTs

Speaking of the Fiesta Bowl…

PSU: 25-13-2 vs SU: 12-9-1
Ottos Edge: PSU... they have the highest Bowl Win % in CFB

The best way to get to a Bowl is by winning your…

PSU: Big Ten vs SU: Big East
Ottos Edge: SU... PSU ruined the B10 by making it 11.

Conf Titles
PSU: 3 vs SU: 4
Ottos Edge: SU... PSU missed out by not joining the BE where they belong

Despite being in different confs, the teams still play for the…

Lambert Trophy
PSU: 27 (last 2008) vs SU: 6 (last 1992)
Ottos Edge: PSU... since 1998 they have only won twice

Staying with Trophies…

Rivalry Trophies
PSU: Governors Victory Bell (started 1993 with Minnesota, PSU leads 6-4), Land Grant Trophy (started 1993 with Mich St, PSU leads 12-4) vs SU: Schwartzwalder Trophy (started 1993 with WV, who leads 10-6)
Ottos Edge: Push... all are made up trophies trying to establish tradition. At least the SU-WV game has been played many years.

Speaking of playing many times…

Team played most
PSU: Pitt 96 times (50-42-4) vs SU: PSU 69 times
Ottos Edge: SU… good job Joe Pa ruining both. PSU last played Pitt in 2000.

Of those 69 meetings…

Head to Head
PSU: 41 Ws vs SU: 23 Ws
Ottos Edge: PSU… not close just like this game will be. The teams have tied 5 times.

Many of those games were played at…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)
PSU: Beaver Stadium (107,250) vs SU: the Dome
Ottos Edge: PSU... they have the largest stadium in the US (Michigan had to reduce seating for handicap accessibility). Their largest crowd ever was 110,753 (makes sense that it is 3k more than capacity). The stadium is named after James Beaver, former PA Govna and former president of the BoTs.

While there you will hear the…

PSU: Blue Band (over 300 members) vs SU: SUMB
Ottos Edge: PSU... in 2005 the band won the Sudler Trophy, which goes to the nations top band.

As well as the fans…

PSU: We are... Penn St vs SU: Lets go Orange
Ottos Edge: SU... we know who you are and are not impressed

And those fans are made up of…

Fan Base
PSU: avg'd 107,567 a game, 90k season ticket holders (21k student), White Out vs SU: maybe 40k a game, season tickets?, Silver Out
Ottos Edge: PSU... it doesn't hurt that PSU has over 450k alumni

They have so many alumni because of their large…

Student size
PSU: 44k vs SU: 19K
Ottos Edge: PSU... the more the merrier

Those students should be there to get an…

PSU: 47th (US News) vs SU 58th
Ottos Edge: PSU... what happened to SU? PSU was my safety school.

Which is why schools often…

Outlawed Fun
PSU: The Phi Psi 500 (a fund raising mile run with pit stops at bars) vs SU: Livingston Block Party
Ottos Edge: Push... no one wins when fun is taken away. While PSU banned that fund raiser they are proud to have the THON (dance marathon), which is the largest student run philanthropy in the world.

And finally the category of the... wait you still want more? OK, on with the marathon

Sticking with fun and dancing…

PSU: Richard James (invented Slinky), Herman Fisher (Fisher-Price), Mike Scioscia (baseball) vs SU: Steve Rubell (Studio 54), Lexington Steele, Marv Albert
Ottos Edge: SU… our guys are involved in adult entertainment

Speaking of adult entertainment…

Howard Stern Show
PSU: Benjy vs SU: Frozen (interned)
Ottos Edge: SU... Benjy is annoying

Howard is the King of All Media, which would include…

Sports Media
PSU: Tom Verducci, Lisa Salters, Todd Blackledge vs SU: Bob Costas, Vera Jones, Mike Tirico, etc.
Ottos Edge: SU... its our bread and butter

While we are on food…

Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner! (Eatery)
PSU: Otto's Pub & Brewery vs SU: Empire Brewing Company
Ottos Edge: SU... it was named after Otto, right? PSU also has the Ye Olde College Diner, which was voted the 3rd best place to eat a sticky bun in the United States. It is a place of Penn State tradition that dates back to 1929.

While we are on Otto…

PSU: Nittany Lion vs SU: Otto the Orange
Ottos Edge: SU... poor Lion doesn't even have a name

But the Lion does have a…

PSU: Lions Shrine vs SU: Saltine Warrior
Ottos Edge: PSU… it is better for painting orange

Speaking of statues…

FB statue
PSU: Joe Paterno vs SU: Ernie Davis
Ottos Edge: SU... Joe ruined NE FB by going to the B11

But he has been a successful…

PSU: JoePa (started 1966, 384 Ws, paid $500K) vs SU: Dou Marrone (0 Ws)
Ottos Edge: PSU... cant get a bigger difference in career wins than that. JoePa is still tied for career INTs (14) at Brown University. He is in his 60th season at PSU (started as an asst). He is 7-1 all time against his current nemesis Bobby Bowden. He is the only HC to win the Rose, Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, and Cotton Bowls.

HC is from
PSU: Brooklyn vs SU: Bronx
Ottos Edge: SU... Yanks 6 Dodgers 1

Sticking with HCs…

Former Coach
PSU: Rip Engle vs SU: Ben Schwartzwalder
Ottos Edge: SU... Ben was 9-7 vs Engle

And SUs former coach was…

Paul Pasqualoni
PSU: former player vs SU: former HC
Ottos Edge: SU... he did a lot for SU

Playing under Coach P was McNabb, who is now a…

PSU: Chair is CEO of Eat'n Park vs SU: a trustee is an NFL QB
Ottos Edge: SU... that shows where our priorities are

SU has always been strong at revenue sports but overall…

PSU: among the best vs SU: trying to improve
Ottos Edge: PSU... they have been Top 25 in the NACDA Directors Cup all 16 years of its existence with eight Top 10 finishes. They have 11 national titles in fencing, mens gymnastics has a record 12 titles, both the womens and the mens volleyball teams won in 2008 (women won in 2007 as well). But they still suck at BBall.

Supporting athletics is the…

Booster Club
PSU: State College QB Club vs SU: Orange Club
Ottos Edge: PSU… fans gather at the Nittany Lion Inn midweek to discuss the last game and the next game. JoePa and players often visit.

Dressing the athletic teams is…

PSU: Mark Parker (CEO) vs SU: Melo
Ottos Edge: SU... Melo sells shoes

Sticking with dress…

School colors used to be
PSU: Black and Pink vs SU: Pink and Green
Ottos Edge: PSU... supposedly PSU changed to Blue and White when the Black and Pink faded. Also they stayed classic with the unis while SU has been F-ing it up lately.

While we are on F-ing things up…

PSU: always down to 1 lane even though no work is ever done vs SU: smooth sailing
Ottos Edge: SU... also PA is filled with drivers going 20 MPH in the left lane. The state is a driving nightmare.

For this I blame the state…

PSU: Rick Santorum, Valerie Plame, Tom Ridge vs SU: Joe Biden, Donna Shalala, Al D'Amato
Ottos Edge: SU... their group is much more controversial

Sticking with politics…

Hillary Clinton
PSU: Hughs (father and brother) vs SU: NY Senator
Ottos Edge: Push... there are no winners here

If she ever becomes President it would be a first for a woman. Along those lines…

Astronaut firsts
PSU: Guion Bluford (1st African American in space) vs SU: Eileen Collins (1st female pilot)
Ottos Edge: Push... both boldly went where none had gone before

Sticking with firsts…

1st year FB
PSU: 1881 vs SU: 1889
Ottos Edge: PSU… back then JoePa was only an asst coach.

And from first to last, as in the last category and the category of the week (sorry I have nothing left)…

Competitive Eater
PSU: Bruce Banner (fictional alumn) vs SU: Doug Marrone
Ottos Edge: SU... not even the Incredible Hulk can beat Doug

And the TATTOO goes to……

Thats right the Syracuse Orange, as we pull off the huge upset by the slightest of margins. And remember, State Penn sucks!

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Anonymous said...

Joe ruined NE football by joining the Big 11? How about Syracuse ruined NE football by not having Joe's vision. At least that's what Crouthamel has said. 'Cuse just didn't have the nads to get out of the Big Least when the real opportunity came.

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