Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Daily Directive

Here in NYC it has been raining all day and the wind has trees bending sideways. It is days like today that I am glad we play in a Dome. I couldnt imagine the lack of a crowd for home games from mid October to the end of November without a roof over the fans heads.

I certainly would still go, as evidenced by sitting through the entire rain soaked game at RU last year. But it just isnt as fun. Sure we miss out when (or should I say if) the weather is good in September. But thats what road games are for. Yes, football is meant to be played outdoors. And I would have loved to have been there when games were played at Archbold.

But without the Dome it would hurt recruiting and our fan base. So in a sense football was not meant to be played in CNY. It is the Dome that allows all of this to happen.

So here is to you Carrier Dome (ugh the naming is for another day)


King Otto III

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