Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft

I thought of doing a Cuse Cast following my reactions on the draft until Flynn was chosen. But since we didnt know where he would go that coulda been long and possibly boring. So instead I just decided to write my thoughts here.

-How do they let the Devil (David Stern) know a pick? Is it written? If so how funny would it have been if the Clips rep had a brain fart and accidentally wrote Taylor instead of Blake? I mean it is the Clips, so anything is possible. What would Stern have done? Does he confirm it allowing the Clips to fix their mistake? Or does he say the Clips are a lost cause, lets let Memphis build a decent team?

-Clips take Blake, I guess we will never know.

-Memphis takes Mr Elbow, Thabeet

-Wow. Oklahoma takes Harden. I didnt see him much. Only a few games, mainly the NCAAs. He has an NBA body, but he isnt a great ball handler or shooter. And disappearing in the NCAAs would be a warning sign to me.

-Kings take Evans. I think he has the best potential of the PGs in the draft.

-Wolves take Rubio. It has now been over a half an hour and only 5 pics have gone by. Too much talking for TV. I dont care enough about the NBA to drag this out.

-WTF? Neither Flynn nor Rubio can play the 2. You have to think they will trade one of these guys. If not then why not take Curry who could play the 2? How funny is it that JB talked crap on Rubio and now Flynn has to beat him out? I hope Flynn does or he wont see as much time as he would elsewhere for the next 3 years.

-Speedy Claxton stil plays?

-Warriors take Curry, looks like the Knicks will be shut out of the PGs.

-Wow, Knicks have stunk for awhile now and their best pick since 2004 is David Lee, ouch. Knicks take Hill. Double ouch 22 years since Knicks drafted an All Star.

Ok I have had enough of this. Cant be watching Rachel Nichols in HD. Put her on the radio please! I will now take a break until Harris or Devo (yeah right) are picked.


I am back earlier than expected. Ty friggin Lawson? What the hell is Minny doing? And going back I cannot believe Hansbrough was a lotto pick.

-They now say Lawson will be traded. For Jonny's sake I wish it were him.

I will now take another break from this BS league.


Back again to finish 1st round. Screw the 2nd round, sorry Paul.

-Knicks trade Q Richardson. Why couldnt Minny have taken him and the 8th for Flynn? Oh well.

-Knicks take Douglas via Lakers. If I were LA I woulda kept pick and taken a big body like that guy from Pitt whose name escapes me right now. Obviously it is also escaping everyone in the NBA. I guess he shoulda stayed in school. Good for SU.

-Blair! That was his name. LOL.

Three friggin hours for a round is a joke. I am done. Good luck to Paul and even Devo.

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