Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Cuse Cast 2.0

The newest Cuse Cast tackles conference expansion


Frozen said...

This is a really god job, guys. Keep it up. Just get a few guests and your show will be Poliquinesque.

Frozen said...

Well, it's a "good" job, not a "god" job.

KingOttoIII said...

What we arent God-like?

RutgersAl said...

Out of all the conference scenarios, I liked the one where you talked about possibly adding PSU and Maryland to the Big East. We could also add Notre Dame, and another team from a midmajor conference. This would eliminate the prospect of our teams being stepchilds if we were to go to the ACC or Big Ten. We could play the Championship Game right in East Rutherford.

While Rutgers will never own NYC like the Yankees or the Giants, we do have the potential of getting a sizeable portion of the NYC viewing audience, and thats what I think makes us especially attractive to the Big Ten.

Cuseman, you live 20 miles from campus and you don't notice a Rutgers buzz? Open your eyes! Rutgers stickers on cars and SUVs are everywhere. More and more kids are wearing Rutgers apparel everyday. Goto Short Hills mall and the majority of college football apparel being worn is Rutgers apparel. I'm even surprised at all the Rutgers clothing I see in Church.

There most definitely is a buzz and if Rutgers goes to a BCS bowl, New Brunswick and surrounding areas will become like Gainesville, FL where everyone wears some form of Florida Gator clothing.

Cuseman said...

I just callz em as I sees em Al....I live in Jersey City, work in Manhattan and I still see more Syracuse hats, shirts etc on my commute. There is no such buzz in my 'hood.

As you tend to do (as well as your board), you are overstating this so-called "buzz". Not sure if you've ever been up to Syracuse but EVERYBODY wears Orange so that wouldn't impress me anyway if I were to see Rutgers fans.

That said, I don't disagree that RU is a better fit but that's mainly because Syracuse would be a terrible fit for the Big 10. Syracuse is an ACC-type school IMO.

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