Friday, June 26, 2009

The Daily Directive

With camp still 10 days away, there isnt much to talk about besides recruiting. But it is so early in the recruiting game that most talk is just total speculation. So far SU has 5 verbals. In comparison GRob had ONE verbal at this time, although that one verbal was Mike Williams. But you also have to take into account that GRob was recruiting off a season in which SU tied for the BE Title and went to a Bowl. While Marrone is recruiting off of 10-37. So Marrone looks ahead of the GRob pace, which had 11 verbals by seasons start.

But quantity isnt as important as quality. Of the 22 players GRob brought in, I expect to see 9 guys get significant PT this year. So what about the other 13 guys? We have 3 guys who should be backups and likely wont see the field. We have seen 6 guys either not make it or leave the program. We had 3 guys who were JUCOs and have since left. But only one of them (Taj) got significant PT. We have one guy (Pierce) which is just bad luck. IMO that isnt good enough. You need more people seeing PT and less leaving (although the coaching change had a bit to do with that).

Lets all hope that Marrone will get it done on the recruiting trail.

See ya

King Otto III

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