Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Festival to Honor McPherson

Gotta love the headlines that SU Athletics come up with. There is not a festival to honor just McPherson but the entire CFB HoF class. But the article did bring to my attention the other inductees as well.

Some observations:

Pat Fitgerald was a good player but isnt it early for him to get in already? He graduated in 1996 and the 2nd youngest player (Aikman) from this class graduated in 1988. So why did these other players have to wait 10 years longer to get in? In fact I believe that Fitzgerald is only the 3rd player from the 1990s to make the HoF. The others being Steve Emtman, who graduated in 1991, and Charlie Ward, who graduated in 1993. No offense to Pat Fiztgerald but when you think of the best players from the 90s he shouldnt be at the top of the list.

Ron Simmons, Damn! The former WCW champ and part of tag team champs Doom.

Forgot that Sam Mills had died. I met his son, who had gone to my HS for a year and was a good kid. It was amazing that a guy 5'9 that went to a small school like Montclair State, could turn into a Pro Bowl LB.

That all being said congrats again to Don McPherson.

Buenas noches bitches

King Otto III

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