Monday, June 22, 2009

The Daily Directive

Recruiting is a hot topic in Orangeland. Some people are on edge having a team that lacks in talent and then having a lack of commitments. So I wanted to take a look at who we are targeting. One would think that SU would concentrate on NY, NJ, and PA. Then would look to Mass, Conn, DE, MD, VA, OH, and Fla. And finally the rest of the country. However that doesnt seem to be the case. I looked at 3 star and higher SU offers on Scout and found that SU has 35 offers consisting of:

16 players from NY, NJ, PA
11 players from Mass, Conn, DE, MD, VA, OH, Fla
8 players from other states

It is interesting that less than half are from our so called bread and butter states of NY, NJ, and PA. And it may be even more interesting that over 20% are from outside our normal territory. I think SU should be recruiting nationally as we are a national program, unlike the regional programs that make up the rest of the Big East. But where we are right now as a program, it may be easier to have success close to home.

So why the low local numbers and high numbers from afar? Well at this point one can only speculate. If one were to look at things with a glass half full, then you may say that SU is getting run out of our territory. That we cannot beat out the local competition and have to look elsewhere. But if you look at things with a glass half full you will remember that when it seemed like the Corleones were being chased out of NY by Barzini and the other families, that Micheal settled all family business when he took out Barzini, Phillip Tattallgia, Moe Green, Slacci, and Cuneo. So it may only take a few Ws until the local dominoes fall. And maybe all of those long distance guys are just a result of our new staff. Spence came from Clemson. Shafer from Michigan, and Stanford the year before. And a bunch of guys were at Tennessee last year. So those recruits are likely just a result of prior connections, and not failing in our own back yard.

Remember that signing day is long away.


King Otto III

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