Friday, November 16, 2007

Poll Results

SU Bracket

Oleary beats GRob 27-7... I thought GROb had a very winnable bracket and was surprised he lost by so much. Oleary now moves on to the Region Final to face...

HCRE defeats Mullen 18-17... HCRE squeaks one out and now takes on Oleary for a trip to the Final 4.

NFL Bracket

Rogers gets a 21-14 W over Coughlin... I doubt Coughlin will be available anyway baring a Giant meltdown.

Chow wins 25-9 over Green... Chow is an unlikely but popular candidate. The only reason he would consider SU is if he craves to be a HC.

BCS Bracket

Locksley defeats Pelini 23-10... this wasnt eve close. Locksley is looking like a strong contender to win it all.

Foster beats Mason 17-12... Mason is my pick to win this bracket but loses to the Cinderella Foster.

Small School Bracket

Johnson wins 20-9 over Golden... Johnson is a strong candidate but if Davis goes to Arkansas, we likely lose Johnson to UNC.

Kelly gets an 18-11 W over Kill... I am still unsure about Kelly. UC is all about the D this year. How much of that is talent that was left for Kelly? If he had 2 seasons of success at UC instead of just 1, then I would be more in favor of him.

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