Sunday, November 11, 2007

The OL

-SU is #116 in rushing yards per game. The only teams rushing for less per game are Texas Tech, Notre Dame, and Duke. TT never runs so they dont count. ND is a mess. And Duke just plain is aweful. The #115 team (Baylor) is a over 14 yards per game higher. We arent even close.

-SU is #117 in rushing yards per carry. Again ND and Duke are the only teams trailing. The #116 team (Army) is 0.43 yards per carry higher. That is almost 1/2 a yard.

-SU's 10 oponents thus far give up an average of 144.43 yards per game on the ground. SU is averaging 63.3 yards per game against these teams. SU cant even get to 1/2 of what these teams average.

You cannot convince me or any other sane person that SU's OL is the 117th best talent wise in the country. It just isnt true. There is no reason what so ever that we shouldnt be getting over 100 yards per game (which by the way would put SU #108). It is pretty sad that if SU averaged 37 more yards per game we would still be amoung the worst in the nation. Yes THRITY FRIGGIN SEVEN more yards and we still suck. The talent isnt there to have a strong run game. No one can argue that. However this staff has made a bad OL into the 3rd worst in the nation. The is no excuse for that. Anyone who thinks things will magically change next year is kidding themselves. Keeping this staff around another year will only put SU into a deeper hole. It is time to do the right thing and cut our losses.

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