Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Does SU care about FB?

If they do they will fire GRob. Historically SU has neglected FB, yet wanted to have a good team. From letting Arhbold crumble, to stealing concessions, to letting facilities lag to a HS level, to keeping P one year too long, they have shown that they just dont care. They want to bring in the money associated with a Top 25 program but dont want to spend any money in doing so. Well you cant have it both ways. You need to either be commited or settle on being like Northwestern. Please stop toying with us all and pretending that you care. The people running SU have been killing this program slowly, yet the scapegoats are TGD and GRob.

Want further proof? Just ask yourself this question: Would GRob survive at ANY other school? He wouldnt even have a chance anywhere else. Yet here the talk is that he may be back for next year? Why in the hell would you bring him back? He has shown zero ability to coach. If he were a competitve 2-9 then I would be fine. But SU gets out scored by 18.2 points per game. Only THREE teams in all of D1A are worse. There is no way that you can convince me that SU has the 4th worse talent in all of the land. It isnt about Wins and Losses. If this team were well coached and had a 2-9 record then by all means bring GRob back. Friggin Minnesota is 1-11 and yet are only outscored by 10.45ppg. CSU is also 2-9 yet they only get outscored by 6.6ppg. Stanford is 3-7 but is only outscored by 10.4ppg and has a win over USC. They have shown something. What has SU shown? We have had no life. That is why GRob needs to go. Not Ws and Ls, but the fact that we are not even competitive. Even Duke is more competitive at 16.1ppg.

And the major issue the last 3 seasons has been the OL. Well GRob's first year he had 3 returning starters and produced one of the worst OLs in the country. There wasnt a lack of talent there. Then GRobs second year he had 2 returning starters. What happened? Same result. Now this season he had really 4 returning starters (I count Chavers. If he was good enough to start the season in 06 then he should be good enough this season. Unless of course GRob cant evaluate who should play). By now the OL should know the system. So what happened this year? SOS.

Please SU let FB people make the decision on whether to keep GRob or not. If you know FB he should be gone. If you dont, then stay the hell out of the way.


Anonymous said...

love the site man! I would love to have you include my site in your cuse links! Keep up the great posts


Jason said...
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Jason said...

how GRob wasn't canned Sunday morning is beyond me. ANY other program in the country would have shown him the door. you're right, it really doesn't look as though the school cares about putting a winning team on the field. it's a shame because we're going to see the trickle down effect on the other sports, if we haven't already. is it any wonder that we rarely leave NYS for hoops? if the football program was pulling its weight, the money would be there...

like the site you've got, too

Swish said...

I'm OK with him staying simply for the $3MM it would cost to can him. My boy is crawling now, so my response has to be that short. Looking forward to the TGD, GRob package deal.

- Swish

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