Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Poll Results

GRob's fate
Well according to SU fans it looks like GRob is pretty safe as 41.67% feel he is coming back no matter what. And another 16.67% feel he is back with only 1 more win. On the contrary only 18.75% think he is gone baring a miracle. And finally 22.9% are on the fence thinking he needs 2 more Ws to be safe. Usually the fan base is less patient than the AD so this seems good for GRob. However TGD may be trigger happy to cover his own ass.

SU Bracket
Grob 29-10 over Deleone
HCRE 28-3 over Russ
Mullen 28-4 over White
Oleary 22-14 over Mac

NFL Bracket
Rogers 23-11 over P
Chow 27-6 over Whipple
Green 17-15 over Marrone
Coughlin 20-12 over Fassel

BCS Bracket
Locksley 23-3 over Davie
Foster 13-10 over Crowton
Mason 15-8 over Fisher
Pelini 13-13 over Coker

Small School Bracket
Johnson 18-5 over McDonnell
Kelly 10-10 over Brown
Kill 10-9 over Heacock
Golden 11-10 over Solich

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