Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Round 2

SU Connection Bracket

1. GRob
Current Position: SU HC.
Why him: he is the incumbent and it is his job to lose.
Why not: he has done a poor job coaching the team.

4. George O'Leary
Current Position: HC UCF
Why him: former SU assistant would know what takes to W here
Why not: has done so so job at UCF. Resume issue.


Current Position: UConn HC
Why him: he is SU alum and former assistant. He has shown to be a good HC.
Why not: he hasnt shown the ability to recruit. Would be stealing HCfrom conf rival.

3. Dan Mullen
Current Position: OC Florida
Why him: would bring Meyers O and former SU assistant. Sexy pick.
Why not: no HC experience


NFL Bracket

1. Kevin Rogers
Current Position: QB coach Vikings
Why him: former SU OC would know what takes to do job. McNabb guy.
Why not: can he handle the HC position? Will be going back to old ways.

5. Tom Coughlin
Current Position
Why him: big name and SU alum
Why not: would need to be let go from GMen. Also hasnt been in collegein awhile

7. Norm Chow
Current Position: OC for Titans. Ties to TGD
Why him: O master mind
Why not: hasnt been a HC and not likely to leave NFL for SU

3. Dennis Green
Current Position: unemployed
Why him: big name and former HC at NFL and college level. From PA
Why not: has been out of college game for awhile


BCS Bracket
1. Mike Locksley
Current Position: OC Illinois
Why him: great recruiter
Why not: can he coach

4. Bo Pelini
Current Position: DC LSU
Why him: successful several BCS stops
Why not: can he be head guy. Why hasnt he gotten HC job yet.


7. Bud Foster
Current Position: DC VT
Why him: great D mind
Why not: can he HC

6. Glen Mason
Current Position: B11 TV guy
Why him: successfully built Kansas and Minnesota
Why not: age. Not Sexy pick.


Small School Bracket

1. Paul Johnson
Current Position: HC Navy
Why him: has been successful several places
Why not: can he recruit at BCS level

4. Al Golden
Current Position: HC Temple
Why him: can recruit and has made Temple decent
Why not: would likely bring DeLeone


2. Brian Kelly
Current Position: HC Cincy
Why him: has been successful several places
Why not: stealing conf mates HC

6. Jerry Kill
Current Position: HC S Illinois
Why him: has nice O
Why not: coaches 1AA

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