Thursday, November 13, 2008

Commander Cali's Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


My good Sir what are you thoughts on the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland?

On Thou shall worship Otto:

I like Otto He puts smiles on people's faces and generally a happy character. I have never been intimidated by a ferocious characature as a fan and I don't think any of our players have either. I would have preferred a character from NYS mythology written by James Fenimore Cooper . My favorite would have been "Hawkeye but Iowa of all schools beat us to that one,.

On Thou favorite number shall be 44:

Retiring 44 was and continues to be a mistake Dr Gross was too anxious to make a statement here and retiring our biggest tradition and history should have been over ruled by the Chancellor and trustees.

On Thou shall call the Dome your home:

The Dome is aging and a smart CFO should be accruing for a replacement structure and designed to hold more for basketball. If we can get 33,00 in the Dome now we or they should be preparing for 35,00+.

On Thou shall call the teams Orangemen, including the women teams:

Changing our name t "The Orange is optional at best . No one can stop anyone from referring to the team as our Orangemen. Just continue to refer to the teams in that manner and email ESPN and tell tell them to do so as well.

On Thou shall covet the old FB unis:

Screw Gross and his attempts to hide the fact that football has taken a Greg Louganis in quality and attendence..

On Thou shall wish ye had a team to hate in Football:

Our biggest rival is who ever comes out of the other entrance. I hate losing to Rutgers for a number of reasons I don't like their coach or their fans having lived in NJ for a number of years.

Over and Out. Cali.

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Aaron said...

I pray this is a weekly segment. Kudos.

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