Monday, November 24, 2008

KOmputer Rankings

I used a Supercomputer (my brain) to rank the teams:

10. UGA (NC)
9. Boise St (-1)
8. Utah (+1)
7. Texas Tech (-5)
6. Penn St (+1)
5. USC (+1)
4. Texas (NC)
3. OU (+2)
2. Florida (+1)

1. Bama (NC)

At this point it looks like it will be SEC vs B12 in the title game. However Bama and Florida have rivalry games this week which could change things. Same can be said for OU and Texas. Who ever looks the best next week could get the bump needed to make the B12 Champ game. Then again Missou could easily win making the team left out the #2 BCS team. USC needs everyone to lose but that did happen a few years ago so who knows.

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