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TATTOO: Syracuse Orange vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Welcome to this weeks Team Against Team: Trivia and Obscure Observations (TATTOO). Facing off are the Syracuse Orange and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. This weeks TATTOO is an Orange Shamrock:

Since the team is a little down I think they need a pep talk...

We're gonna go inside, we're gonna go outside, inside and outside. We're gonna get 'em on the run boys and once we get 'em on the run we're gonna keep 'em on the run. And then we're gonna go go go go go go and we're not gonna stop til we get across that goalline. This is a team they say is... is good, well I think we're better than them. They can't lick us, so what do you say men? Lets win one for the Gumper!

Born on Date

ND: 1842 vs SU: 1870

Ottos Edge: ND... which is officially named the University of Notre Dame du Lac, which means University of Our Lady of the Lake.

GPS (Location)

ND: South Bend, Indiana vs SU: Syracuse, NY

Ottos Edge: SU... South Bend is the center of the Michiana region. It is also the home of the CFB HoF, which is fitting since ND has the most members (47). There is also a Syracuse, Indiana about an hour Southeast of South Bend.

GPS or navigation systems werent around for...


ND: Studebaker was based in South Bend vs SU: Erie Canal ran through

Ottos Edge: Push... both are no longer

Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner (Food)

ND: Paczki vs SU: Salt Potatoes

Ottos Edge: SU... Paczki are Polish donuts shaped like a flat sphere and filled with sweet filling. Paczki Day is on Fat Tuesday and celebrated in many Midwestern cities.

While we are on food...


ND: the 1979 Cotton Bowl, popularly called the Chicken Soup Game vs SU: McNabb pushes Campbells

Ottos Edge: ND... by the fourth quarter, Houston had built a 34-12 lead but lost 35-34. Joe Montana, who had the flu, led Notre Dame to a come from behind victory after eating a bowl of chicken soup at halftime.

Famous upside down bowl...


ND: Golden vs SU: Carrier

Ottos Edge: ND... still cant believe that naming contract SU agreed to

That showed a lack of...


ND: 18th (US News) vs SU: 53rd

Ottos Edge: ND... at least they are still good at something

Student Body

ND: 11,500 students vs SU: 19,000

Ottos Edge: SU... typically around 21–24% of ND students are children of alumni which is weird and kinda incestuous. That means there is 1/4 chance that you hook up with someone whose parent your parent hooked up with (ok maybe not that high but it you get the point).


ND: more than 93% of students identify as Christian, with over 80% of them being Catholic vs SU: founded by Methodists

Ottos Edge: SU... not much diversity there ND. Also every classroom displays a crucifix.

Residence Halls

ND: halls single sex vs SU: rooms single sex

Ottos Edge: SU... ND has specific times when members of the opposite sex are allowed to visit, however, most residence halls have 24 hour social spaces in which the rule is not enforced.

Greek Life

ND: no frats or sororities vs SU: have them, including the founding of some

Ottos Edge: SU... personally I dont see the need for them but one should have the option. Many ND students live in the same residence hall for all four years fostering a similar sense of community. Even so I wouldnt want to live in a residence hall for 4 years. Especially if women arent allowed to stay over.

School Colors

ND: Madonna Blue and Papal Gold vs SU: Orange

Ottos Edge: ND... you cant beat God

School Paper

ND: The Observer vs SU: DO

Ottos Edge: SU... that sounds like a mag for peeping Toms

Team Name

ND: Fighting Irish vs SU: Orange

Ottos Edge: SU... how can the NCAA allow such a politically incorrect name?

ND was also known as the Rovers and the Ramblers because they were willing to travel nationally well before it was common.

So how did ND get that name? It isnt really clear:

Some say that it comes from Irish immigrant soldiers who fought in the Civil War as the Irish Brigade.

Some say NW fans shouted beat the Fighting Irish during a game.

Some say trailing at halftime of a game against Michigan in 1909 a teammate yelled to a group of Irish players and said "You're all Irish and you're not fighting worth a lick." The Press over heard this and after ND came back and won, they reported about the Fighting Irish victory.


ND: Leprechaun vs SU: Otto

Ottos Edge: SU... if they had a midget as the leprechaun instead they would win. From 1930-1965 the mascot was an Irish Terrier.


ND: began in 1846 and oldest continuous band vs SU: had less members than UConns at the last home game

Ottos Edge: ND... not that it matters with all the announcements

Fight Song

ND: Notre Dame Victory March vs SU: Down, Down the Field

Ottos Edge: ND... wake up the echoes

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)

ND: ND Stadium 81k vs SU: Dome

Ottos Edge: ND... they have Jesus signaling TDs. The stadium opened in 1930. Prior to 1997, it lacked permanent field lights.

FB Catch Phrase

ND: Play Like a Champion Today vs SU: Just Win Baby

Ottos Edge: ND... well that is an alumns and not really ours


ND: 4 Horsemen vs SU: 44

Ottos Edge: Push... few can name the horseman and 44 has been retired

KingOttos Fav team

ND: as a kid vs SU: now

Ottos Edge: SU... having KingOtto as a fan is a privilege that cannot be matched

First year of FB

ND: 1887 vs SU: 1889

Ottos Edge: Push... what is 2 years in the grand scheme of things?

All Time Wins

ND: 829 vs SU: 673

Ottos Edge: ND... they have the 2nd highest W%

Other ND notes:

Notre Dame has produced the most All-Americans

Ten former players are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, second only to USC(11)

Notre Dame has produced the largest number of players to go on to play in the National Football League

Since 1962, Notre Dame has graduated 98.74% of its football players in four years

Notre Dame is one of only five 1A teams to have never played a 1AA team since the division was made in 1978

Notre Dame has participated in nine #1 vs #2 games going 5-2-2

Forbes named the team as the most valuable in college football, worth a total of $101 million in 2007

National Champs

ND: 11 vs SU: 1

Ottos Edge: ND... easy win there

Bowl Record

ND: 13-15 vs SU: 12-9-1

Ottos Edge: SU... ND has lost 9 straight


ND: Big East all but FB vs SU: Big East all sports

Ottos Edge: ND... I dont want to be in the BE for FB either

Head to Head

ND: 3 Ws vs SU: 2 Ws

Ottos Edge: ND... it should be ahead but we was robbed in 1961

We are going streaking

ND: ended OUs 47 straight Ws in FB and UCLAs 88 straight Ws in 1984 in BBall vs SU: non losing seasons in BBall and Lax Final Fours

Ottos Edge: SU... it is harder to have the streak than break it. OUs last loss before the streak was also to ND.


ND: Many vs SU: Few

Ottos Edge: ND... lets see there is:

Navy (71-10-1) who they had a 43 game winning streak against, the longest streak ever. They played in 1996 at Croke Park in Dublin and are scheduled to play their again in 2012.

Purdue (52-26-2) who they play for the Shillelagh Trophy

USC (42-32-5) who they play for the Jeweled Shillelagh. Hopefully they will be looking ahead to that game and overlook SU.

Mich St (44-27-1) who they play for the Megaphone Trophy. The 1966 game is regarded as one of CFBs greatest games ending in a 10-10 tire.

Pitt (44-19-1) NDs longest game ever was this years 4 OT loss to Pitt

Army (37-8-4) who they use to play at Yankee Stadium and it was once considered the biggest game on NDs schedule. In 1946 they played a scoreless tie in one of CFBs greatest games. In 1944 Army gave ND its worst lost ever 59-0.

Northwestern (37-8-2)

Michigan (15-20-1) who ND played in their first game

Stanford (17-6) who they play for the Legends Trophy, a combination of Irish crystal with California redwood

Miami (15-7-1) which was dubbed Catholics vs Convicts. In 1988 Miami scored with 45 secs left to cut the ND lead to 31-30. Jimmy Johnson went for the win but the two point conversion was stopped when Pat Terrell knocked down Steve Walshs pass. ND went on to win the title.

BC (9-9) who they play for the Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl and Ireland Trophy. The rivalry is nicknamed the Holy War. ND has lost 6 straight to BC. Maybe they should take notes from SU as we own BC. Also in 1993 BC ruined NDs undefeated bid by kicking a last second FG to win 41-39. The rivalry crossed over to Hockey as BC beat ND in this years title game.

Former HCs

ND: Lou Holtz, Dan Devine, Ara Parseghian, Frank Leahy, Knute Rockne vs SU: Coach Mac, Coach P, Ben Schwartzwalder

Ottos Edge: ND... those are some greats

HC that popularized the forward pass

ND: Knute Rockne vs SU: GRob

Ottos Edge: ND... Rockne did it by executing on O, GRob couldnt stop it on D.


ND: most Ls in school history vs SU: tied for most Ls in school history

Ottos Edge: Push... the only winners were the teams each played

Heisman Trophy Winners

ND: 7 (Angelo Bertelli, Johnny Lujack, Leon Hart, Johnny Lattner, Paul Hornung, John Huarte, Tim Brown) vs SU: 1 (Ernie Davis)

Ottos Edge: ND... that should be 5-3 but Jim Brown and Don McPherson were robbed. ND has only had 1 since 1964. Also they are tied with USC and OSU with most Heismans (OSU only has 6 winners).


ND: Angelo Bertelli, Steve Beuerlein, Paul Horning, Daryle Lamonica, Johnny Lujack, Rick Mirer, Joe Montana, Ron Powlus, Brady Quinn, Joe Theismann vs SU: Wilmeth Sidat-Singh, Marvin Graves, McNabb, Bill Hurley, Don McPherson

Ottos Edge: ND... the golden boys win here


ND: Jerome Bettis, Rocky Bleier, Allen Pinkett, Ricky Watters, George Gipp vs SU: Moose Johnston, Jim Nance, Larry Csonka, Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little

Ottos Edge: SU... the 44 boys win here


ND: Tim Brown, Dave Casper, Mark Bavaro, Rocket Ismail vs SU: Marvin Harrison, Art Monk, Rob Moore, John Mackey

Ottos Edge: SU... some greats there

D Players

ND: Bobby Taylor, Rudy Ruettiger, Bob and Mike Golic, Alan Page, Nick Buoniconti, Justin Tuck vs SU: Donovan Darius, Tim Green, Kevin Mitchell, Dwight Freeney, Keith Bulluck

Ottos Edge: Push... neither are know for their D


ND: John Carney, Craig Hentrich vs SU: Olinda Mare, Gary Anderson

Ottos Edge: SU... Anderson was the last K to have a one bar facemask

2008 SB Winning NY Giants

ND: Justin Tuck vs SU: Coughlin and Tyree

Ottos Edge: SU... even though Tuck was a monster

Ex Giants

ND: Mark Bavaro, Eric Dorsey, Derek Brown, Dave Duerson, Luke Petitgout vs SU: Larry Csonka, Joe Morris, Will Allen

Ottos Edge: SU... nice busts with Dorsey and Brown

Sticking with Rambo...


ND: Mark vs SU: David

Ottos Edge: ND... he was a beast


ND: Rocket vs SU: Missle

Ottos Edge: ND... legend says he once was timed at 4.16 in the 40 yard dash at Notre Dame while running in pads and full equipment. They also had a brother nicknamed The Bomb.

Rob Carpenter

ND: started there vs SU: ended here

Ottos Edge: SU... thats what got him to the NFL


ND: Father Adrian vs SU: Son Cam

Ottos Edge: ND... he is a HoFer

Sticking with BBall...

BBall Greats

ND: LaPhonso Ellis, John Paxson, Kelly Tripucka, Austin Carr, Bill Laimbeer vs SU: Billy Owens, Dave Bing, Melo, Derrick Colemen, Rony Seikaly

Ottos Edge: SU... Carr is their all time leading scorer

Sticking with Kelly...

Like father like son

ND: Frank Tripucka QBd at ND and his son Kelly played BBall there vs SU: Andy followed Leo Rautins playing BBall at SU

Ottos Edge: Push... there is also a Canadian connection here as Frank played in the CFL and the Rautins are Canuckers.

Back to Billy...


ND: father Bill vs SU: daughter attended

Ottos Edge: SU... do you really want to claim him?

Recent G

ND: Chris Quinn vs SU: GMac

Ottos Edge: ND... he is in the NBA

The BBall team plays in...

Joyce Center

ND: home of BBall team vs SU: home of communications auditorium

Ottos Edge: ND... the part of the Joyce Center that houses the BBall arena will be renovated and renamed Purcell Pavilion (after the former Morgan Stanley CEO). Capacity will go from 11.5k to 9.8k.

Other top national program

ND: Intramural vs SU: Lax

Ottos Edge: SU... who cares about intramural

ND intramural sports program has been named by SI as the best program in the country. The annual Bookstore Basketball tournament is the largest outdoor five-on-five tournament in the world with over 700 teams participating each year. Also ND offers the only non-military academy program of full-contact intramural American football. I wonder if any intramural ND FBer ever made the team as a walk on?

Charles Dutton/Chelcie Ross Movie

ND: Rudy vs SU: Express

Ottos Edge: ND... Rudy was 5ft nuttin, 100 and nuttin, without a speck of athletic abilitiy and hung in there with the best CFB players in the country for 2 years. And walked away with a degree from ND. Also ND had the movie Knute Rockne, All American.

Along with movies...


ND: Brian Kelly (father on Flipper), George Wendt (Norm!), Phil Donahue, Regis Philbin vs SU: Jerry Stiller, Aaron Sorkin, Dick Clark, Lexington Steele

Ottos Edge: SU... can you imagine the reaction had Steele been an ND grad?

And TV...

West Wing

ND: Jed Bartlet (played Pres) vs SU: Aaron Sorkin

Ottos Edge: SU... he created the show

Which is about...


ND: Condoleeza Rice vs SU: Joe Biden

Ottos Edge: SU... VP beats Sec of State

Which are reported about on...

Fox News

ND: Andrew Napolitano vs SU: Megyn Kelly

Ottos Edge: SU... she is hostess with mostest

Sticking with TV hosts...

Sports Casting

ND: Don Criqui, Hannah Storm vs SU: endless list

Ottos Edge: SU... Hannah Storm alone would kill ND even if SU had no one but Dave Pasch

While we are in the sports world...

FB ownership

ND: Curly Lambeau (founded Packers), Ed DeBartolo Jr (former 49ers owner), John York (49ers co-owner), Ted Phillips (Pres and CEO of Bears) vs SU: Al Davis

Ottos Edge: ND... Lambeau also played RB at ND.


ND: Cap Anson, Craig Counsell, Aaron Heilman, Brad Lidge, Carl Yastrzemki, Larry Dolan (owner Indians), Joe Garagiola (VP MLB Ops), Vince Naimoli (founding owner of Rays), Steve Bartman (Cubs fan) vs SU: used to have a baseball team

Ottos Edge: ND... although I hate Counsell, the Mets, the Sox, the Rays, and the Dolans.

But the Dolan thing is because of...

BBall Management

ND: Jim Fitzgerald (former owner Bucks and Warriors) vs SU: David Falk

Ottos Edge: SU... he is a power broker

And finally the category of the week…

I love the 80s (aka oh yeah I remember him)

ND: QB Tony Rice vs SU: QB Todd Philcox

Ottos Edge: SU... who cares about the ring making the NFL is what counts

And the TATTOO goes to...

The Syracuse Orange as they pull of a tight one.

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