Monday, November 10, 2008

King Ottos KOnclusion

Well that was fun. Nothing like sitting in the rain and watching an ass whooping.

That may have been the worst O game I have even seen. We had one good play, a great one at that. Besides that we did absolutely nothing. Bad game all around. Coaching, QBing (Cam was awful while ARob was apocalyptically awful), and the OL.

The D was just as bad. Sure we picked off Teel a few times. But its Mike Teel, he sucks. For most of the game we sat back off the WRs, bringing no pressure, and let Teel take us apart. Had we been aggressive we would have had at least a dozen INTs. The only good thing about the D was the Art Jones mohawk.

We did block a punt which is always good. You could see it coming from a mile away. The end of half was a mess. First we wasted time and the chance to call another play. Then Shady decided to use his TOs right before the snap. He lucked out as Shaddle missed all 3. But just dump HCing as in those conditions missing the first kick is more likely than the third. Another note on Scumbag Schiano, that was cheap taking out Dantley. Are we to think it is a coincidence that Cam said RU is beatable and then he has his leg swept in the game? If the BE had any balls they would fine this guy. Then he had Teel still throwing the ball on first down and second down while up 18 in the 4th Q in SU territory. I wish GRob was as scummy and had our guys take Teel out. Schiano will get his soon enough.

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