Monday, November 3, 2008

King Ottos Konclusion

I have felt all year our struggles are mainly coaching, more specifically on D, and the fact that we were a young team. So it was no surprise to me that SU beat UL. For awhile I expected a W but changed my mind last second because GRob is our HC after all.

CB continues to have a great year. He really will be missed. Going forward I like our depth on O. The only issue is that we have no star power. That could change if Mike Williams comes back or DC3 finally gets healthy. Also someone could break out. I am not expecting any of that but even so we still should have a decent O. Certainly good enough to get us to a Bowl game. I will also say that MB has done a great job with the OL. When was the last time you yelled about Chavers? That alone is a miracle. Then we have a good running game and have let up a lot less sacks.

While the O has shown improvement, the D hasnt shown much. Yes they looked better against UL but they still have been bad all year. The only other acceptable game by the D was a Pat Whiteless WV team. Thats not nearly good enough. As to the future I can cut and paste the same about the D: Going forward I like our depth on D. The only issue is that we have no star power. Well except for LB. That is the only area of concern. I like Smith at one LB spot. After that we have to hope that Stenclik and Battles can step up. Even so Depth would still be an issue. The LBs will keep SU from being a good D but a DC with a brain will make this group good enough to be Bowl bound.

Some other observations from the game:

-7pm starts are bad for attendance on 'Rents weekend. I overheard several families talking about dinner plans that would prevent them from attending.

-Maggies for some reason opens 3 hours before start time on game days. I had planned on going there for 2 for 1 drafts and watching FLA-UGA but the place was closed. Several other people walked by and pulled on the locked door. This makes sense for noon starts (yes they open at 9am, been there/done that), and even 3:30 starts. But 7pm starts you are turning away people.

-Anyway I ended up at Chucks. Note to the staff there: using webs to decorate for Halloween is ok. But putting it over the TV screen to make the picture worse is retarded.

-Otto dressed up for Halloween. He was Palin, Zorro, and Batman, who my drunk friend Erog thought was Megatron (see below).

-Drunk people in my section wanted to actually rush the field and had to have security turn them away. I did see one kid a few sections over being dragged off by security after making it to the field. What has become of SU?

-The Dome is frickin cold when no one shows up. I have been hot before for BBall games with a foot of snow outside. But when you have 759 people in an empty Dome it gets cold. Even the dance team had to put on their warmups the second half.

-A friend of mine (lets call him Erog) got wasted and I am sure will have his Irish heritage taken away from him. They will disown him after this. I am not sure how much he had to drink but it couldnt have been more than 10 tops. At the bar he seemed a little out of it as he was saying that the bar tender had nice shoulder blades and was serious.

Anyway I went up to the Dome ahead of my friends to use the head. Well when the 3 others in my party showed up without Erog, we wondered WTF happened to him? Not long after after ULs second drive of the Q, he finally shows up. When asked where he was he said he was walking around the Dome and couldnt find our section. This was because we was walking around the upper deck! BTW he has been in the same section since 2002.

So he finally joins us with his BK fries and burger and SU starts to play well. He is drunk but is able to stand and cheer so no worries. Then the 2nd Q started and he began to sit and shut his eyes. We werent sure if he would make it the whole game. And he wouldnt. When SU scored on the 4th down with 2 mins left in the half, we all went nuts and turned to celebrate with Erog. But he wasnt there. None of us saw him leave he just disappeared. We looked for him but there was no sign of him.

Fast forward now to the 4th Q. I was going to the bathroom and saw a janitor type guy cleaning. You never see that and I thought I wonder if he was cleaning up after Erogs puke? Well I would find out later on that this was very very likely the case. After the game I finally got a hold of Erog on his cell phone. He said he was driving and was halfway home. He had puked and decided to leave.

What is the lesson to be learned here? Dont let your friends get amrried and have children or they wont be able to handle their drinking.

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