Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Top 10 HC List

Each week I will update my list of Top 10 choices to replace GRob. I will only use guys who I think we have a realistic chance of getting.

10. Dean Hood (NC)
9. Mike Locksley (-6)
8. Charlie Strong (NR)
7. Brady Hoke (NR)
6. Steve Addazio (NR)
5. Chip Kelly (+2)
4. Bud Foster (+2)
3. Skip Holtz (-2)
2. Mark Whipple (+3)

1. Al Golden (+1)

Dropped: Glen Mason (4), Ron Prince (8), Don Treadwell (9)

Mason has been out of coaching for 2 years. Not sure he has the fire to take on the challenge. I decided I dont want a guy who has been fired as a HC, which is why Prince dropped off. I also think SU should target a guy who is currently a HC. First you dont want a guy learning on the job. Second it is a lot easier for a guy who has a staff to get a staff at SU.

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